colorants used for Industrial coating

Pigment Dispersion Used For Building Coating

Shining E Series are water-based pigment dispersions without resins, which are based on nonionic, wetting and dispersing agent. We select good weather fastness iron oxide pigments and other polycyclic organic pigments like phthalocyanine, azo condensation, DPP, anthraquinone, quinacridone, etc , adopting advanced processing technology and strict craft controlling.

Water-based Pigments Dispersions Used For Industrial Coating

Shining EI Series water-based pigment dispersions are made from the following well-chosen pigments,such an iron oxide, phthalocyanine, condensation azo, DPP, anthraquinone, quinacridone, etc polycylic high-grade organic pigments, all these pigments have good weather resistance.