Shining M Series Colorants used For Gel-ink

Shining M series are water-based pigment preparations without resins,which are made to meet special application performance products in ink industry.

Shining MJ Series Water-based Colorants For Ink-Jet Inks

Shining MJ Series are water-based pigment preparations without resins, which are made to meet the application requirements of ink-jet ink industry. Products of this series have good color strength, bright color, good stability, small particle size and narrow distribution, good chemical stability and weather resistance, applied to ink-jet ink and writing ink industry.

Water based inkjet sublimation colorants

With introduced overseas advanced technology, imported all raw materials and the most advanced dispersing equipment, this nano-grade colorants are produced specially for inkjet ink, used for producing sublimation ink for all type of desktop and wide format printers.