XP series Pigment lnk-Jet Printing Ink

Product is based on our current experience and technology. Since we don’t know our users’ formulation, application filed and test condition, we can’t make a commitment to our users’ final products. We strongly suggest our end users evaluating our product thoroughly before large scale production. The product quality is protected by the sales contract.    

XF Series Dye Sublimation Lnk

 Application: Epson desktop Printers(R230/R290/T50/139,etc) Printing with Epson DX5,DX7,TFP and 5113 printhead MUTOH,ROLAND,MIMAKI series and Epson F7070,F9280,etc Printers with RICOH GEN 4/GEN 5 print head Printers with CYCOCERA print head Printers with KONNICA 512,1024 print head

Shining MJ Series Water-based Colorants For Ink-Jet Inks

Shining MJ Series are water-based pigment preparations without resins, which are made to meet the application requirements of ink-jet ink industry. Products of this series have good color strength, bright color, good stability, small particle size and narrow distribution, good chemical stability and weather resistance, applied to ink-jet ink and writing ink industry.

Water based inkjet sublimation colorants

With introduced overseas advanced technology, imported all raw materials and the most advanced dispersing equipment, this nano-grade colorants are produced specially for inkjet ink, used for producing sublimation ink for all type of desktop and wide format printers.