Water-based Pigments Dispersions used for Industrial Coating

Shining EI Series water-based pigment dispersions are made from the following well-chosen pigments,such an iron oxide, phthalocyanine, condensation azo, DPP, anthraquinone, quinacridone, etc polycylic high-grade organic pigments, all these pigments have good weather resistance.


Products of this series adopt advanced technology and strict craft controlling and they are well compatible with water-based industrial coating, with features of high pigment content, high color strength, good color development, small particle size, homogeneous distribution, no sedimentation, good stability and fluidity, pumping, excellent light resistance and weather resistance. Products can be widely used in various kinds of water-based industries.


  • Good compatibility with water-based polyrethane resins, acrylate, epoxy resin.
  • Good heat resistance.
  • High color strength, bright color.
  • Complete chromatography, good stability.
  • Good resistance to chemical, light and weather.


Coatings for metal paint, glass paint, epoxy floor coatings and other industrial coatings.

1.The light resistance:chemical resistance, and heat resistance in the sheet above refers to the structure performance of the pigment. The parameters comes form the pigment suppliers.

2.Chemical resistance:Chemical resistance was determined according to GB5211.6-85, assessments were against the 5-step scale, where 5 refer to the best. Alkali resistance was determined according to GB5211.7-85, assessments were against the 5-step scale, where 5 refer to the best.

3.Light resistance:Light resistance was determined according to GB1710-79, assessments were against the 8-step scale, where 8 refer to the best.

Special Statement: Product is based on our current experience and technology. Since we don’t know our users’ formulation, application filed and test condition, we can’t make a commitment to our users’ final products. We strongly suggest our end users evaluating our product thoroughly before large scale production. The product quality is protected by the sales contract.

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