Shining CA Series Pigment Dispersion Used for Water-based Inks

Shining CA Series pigment dispersions are exclusively used for water-based inks, produced with high quality acrylic resins, adopting abroad advanced production technology. It’s color shade, color strength, viscosity are strictly controlled, with homogeneous texture and good stability, widely used in the production of various kinds of high grade water-based inks.



  • High pigment content, high color strength.
  • Good color development, high glossness.
  • Good storage stability.
  • Good fluidity, steady viscosity..
  • Fine particle size,homogeneous distribution
  • Free of benzene and xylene.

Recommended used in water-based inks.

1.Chemical resistance:In accordance with GB5211.6-85 test method of acid resistance, notating from grade 1-5 and grade 5 in the best. In accordance with GB5211.7-85 test method of alkali resistance, notating from grade 1-5 and grade 5 in the best.

2.Light resistance:Inaccordance with GB1710-79 test method of light resistance, notating from grade 1-8 and grade 8 is the best.

The data fastness properties were determined with virgin pigment.

Special Statement: Product is based on our current experience and technology. Since we don’t know our users’ formulation, application filed and test condition, we can’t make a commitment to our users’ final products. We strongly suggest our end users evaluating our product thoroughly before large scale production. The product quality is protected by the sales contract.

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