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Many people are eager to celebrate their birthdays. And if someone’s birthday falls on a weekday, they’ll be spending a precious chunk of that day at work of Namei material. So the question isn’t, “Should companies celebrate their employees’ birthdays?” Rather, companies should be asking how they should celebrate employees’ birthdays. Being thoughtful about birthday celebrations. That’s because […]

Whether it is new furniture or renovated furniture, the smell of paint is always a big problem. Although many people use the national environmental protection standard paint, it still needs to be dried for a period of time to completely evaporate some components in the paint. The following will recommend 6 ways to get rid of […]

From 2nd September to 4th September, Zhejiang Namei Material Technology Co., Ltd attend the China Coatings Show 2020 and China International Coatings Exhibition. The theme of this exhibition is “Green Manufacturing, Going Forward Side by Side”. The most popular series are wood coating colorants and industrial coating paste in this exhibition. Water-based wood coating paste […]