The 2021 mid-year sale summary meeting of Namei New Materials was held at Anji. The company’s chairman Mr Zhao,Mr li and sales staff from all over the world attend the meeting. Everyone shared some of their experiences and summarized the work situation in  first half of the year. Planed the next work of the second half of the year.

pigment colorants
Sales of Zhejiang Namei Materical Technology achieve good performance

Chairman Mr Zhao congratulated everyone on the excellent performance in the first half of the year. In the first half of 2021, all the salesman worked hard together . I hope everyone will continue to work hard at the second half of the year.

pigment prepration

All the participants summarized and reported on the work in the first half of 2021, and shared their own experiences.
At this meeting, the company presented awards to the top three in sales growth.


pigment dispersion

At this meeting, the company hold application training , sales skills training and pigment colorants training(pigment dispersion)
Through this training, the participants have improved their business knowledge level.
General Manager Mr Shi of the Marketing Center commented on each participant and put forward some suggestions and requirements. Mr Shi requires everyone participating in the conference to be able to clarify their own work content, have more responsibilities in their work, and work hard.

pigment prepration

Finally, chairman Mr li also gave some suggestions to the participants. chairman Mr li hopes that in the second half of the work, everyone can refine the plan, make more specific analysis of the market, and make better their own plans.

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