In the spring and summer of 2022, color is still the vitality source and important influencing factor of textile and industrial.Exciting colors and comfortable tones satisfy our desire for stability, freedom and joy. Relying on the platform of Qiantong Color Library, we obtained a report of popular colors in spring and summer of 2022, which collectively conveyed the diversified trend.

From the report, we can see that red and classic gray of passionate  occupy a dominant position in the textile and industrial, and become the main classic colors, while the active colors such as “metallic gray” and “blue” have become the key colors of this season’s report, which are the expression of people’s yearning and desire for freedom.


Spring and summer are popular and colorful. In the process of design and application, when there are too many warm colors, it gives people the illusion of heat, while when there are too many cool colors, the picture looks gloomy and cold. Only by alternately using warm and cold tones can make the picture to be more attractive. For this reason, we have extracted the top 50 warm and cold colors in the report for your reference.

In addition to the contrast of cold and warm colors, we have also obtained the top ten active and popular colors in the fields of textile and industrial. What colors are on the list? Let’s have a look together.


This season’s most active color is 17-3938. Since Catharanthus roseus (17-3938) was defined by PANTONE as the color of the year in 2022, its search trend has been rising all the way, and the search index is as high as 260,000. Combined with this season’s spring and summer color report, the status of blue tone in 2022 has been confirmed again. The active colors extended from Catharanthus roseus include the 8th blue-purple tone 15-3716 and the 10th light-purple tone 11-4001, with search indexes of 100,000 and 80,000 respectively. As the society continues to realize that color is an important form of communication, a way to express and influence thoughts and feelings, and a way to attract and connect people, the complexity of PANTONE Catharanthus Blue, which has blue characteristics while maintaining a purplish red tone, is highlighting the vast possibilities before us, showing people the pluralistic integration of modern life in the physical world and the color trend in the digital world.


This season’s unique tone“Safe yellow”(13-0630TN) in textile home design is constantly applied, search index is up to 120,000, has become a new focus of digital design universe. When this kind of flash neon color expression is used appropriately, presents the dazzle color retro feeling, is becomes the young generation new color expression way.

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