01Grand Opening, Perfect Closing

April 4, 2018, INDOINTERTEX 2018 was opened at the International Exhibition Center in Jakarta, Indonesia.  On April 7, it ended perfectly.

During the four-day exhibition, exhibitors from all over the world will further exhibit dyes, pigments, inks, colorants and other chemicals .


In addition to European Union and United States, Indonesia’s major trading partners are mainly concentrated in the Asia Pacific region, including nine major trading partner countries such as China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.

In recent years, due to rapid development of China’s economy, China’s trade position in Indonesia has continued to rise, and it has now risen from Indonesia’s fifth-largest trading partner to fourth place, becoming Indonesia’s third-largest importer after Japan and United States.

03 Why choose Indonesia ?

The exhibition was organized by Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade. In last exhibition, 857 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. The exhibition covers all types of garment machinery coatings industry and is an important platform for promoting Chinese enterprises to enter Indonesian market, participate in international competition, and conduct Chinese and foreign technical exchanges.

04 live Exhibition

The exhibition was a big success. Our WD series pigments dispersions were highly rated in local architectural coatings industry. After the exhibition, several customers invited us to visit their factories and deepen cooperation. The Indonesian exhibition collected a lot of potential customer information. We believe that we will have better development in Indonesian market.


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