1. summary of materials

From a broad definition, artistic paint is a new type of art paint for wall decoration, which is made of various decorative materials with textures and patterns by taking various high-quality paints with artistic expression functions as materials and combining some special tools and construction techniques. Art paint is just a broad term, and there is a recognized definition of art paint in the industry: “Art paint with a surface coating of less than 3mm and visual effect”. For example, metallic, malay, relief etc. that we talk about most often.


  1. Material characteristics
  • decorative effect. The biggest difference between artistic paint and traditional paint is that artistic paint has stronger expressive force of texture and texture, and can even be directly coated on the wall, resulting in rough or delicate three-dimensional artistic effect. In addition, more abundant and unique decorative effects can be produced by different construction techniques and skills.
  • Art paint integrates the advantages of latex paint and wallpaper.
  1. Art paint is a water-based paint, so it has all the advantages and disadvantages of water-based paint, non-toxicity, environmental protection, but low wear resistance.
  2. Compared with wallpaper, art paint is general for interior and exterior walls, while wallpaper is limited to interior walls; At the same time, the design is exquisite, layered and stereoscopic, colors can be arbitrarily mixed, the design can be DIY, and the decorative effect is good; The most important thing is that compared with wallpaper, artistic paint has a natural effect and can achieve seamless effect; Therefore, it is also called “liquid wallpaper”.
  3. Under normal circumstances, art coatings have stable performance, no peeling, no cracking, no yellowing, no fading, easy cleaning, and their excellent quality ensures that they can be used for more than 10 years.
  4. Art paint is mildew-proof, which can prevent the wall mold from breeding. It is safe and sanitary, easy to clean, and convenient for secondary decoration.水性色浆
  • Material category

Since art paint is a general term, there must be various categories, different brands and different regions with different names for art paint categories. Therefore, according to the different styles, here are some of the most common names known by various manufacturers, including: imitation marble paint (real stone paint), slate paint, wallpaper paint (liquid wallpaper), relief paint, phantom paint, texture paint, metallic paint, crack paint, malay paint paint, sandstone paint, etc.

A. Real stone paint Marble-like paint is a kind of paint with decorative effect similar to marble and granite, which is mainly made of natural stone powder of various colors. This kind of coating is used in a relatively large amount indoors.

B. Slate paint Unique materials, with bright colors and the texture of slate, can create artistic shapes. Through artistic construction, it can show the decorative effect of various natural rocks, with the expressive force of natural stones, and at the same time, it has the characteristics of heat preservation and noise reduction.

  1. Wallpaper paint Also known as liquid wallpaper or printing paint, it belongs to a new type of water-based paint for interior wall decoration.
  2. Relief paint It is a three-dimensional realistic color wall painting artistic texture paint, and the decorated wall shows a relief-like impression, so it is called relief paint.
  3. Phantom Paint It is a special water-based paint with various texture effects through special paint brushes and special processes. Phantom paint, as its name implies, can make the wall look like a shadow.水性色浆
  4. Texture paint It can make texture effect, and the wall decorated with texture paint has skin-like touch.
  5. metallic gold foil paint It is a new product synthesized by high-quality raw materials such as polymer emulsion, nano-metallic optical materials, nano-additives, etc. with high-tech production technology. It is suitable for decoration in various internal and external occasions, and has the glittering effect of gold foil, giving people a feeling of resplendence.
  6. Cracking paint It is made by grinding nitrocellulose, pigment, organic solvent, crack paint adjuvant, etc. and has various colors.
  7. malay paint Venice stucco, also known as Venetian stucco, is a kind of slurry paint mixed with attapulgite, acrylic emulsion, etc. Various textures can be produced by batch scraping on the wall surface with various batch scraping tools.

Malay paint’s painting is different from other art paints, mainly after the grass-roots treatment, it is scraped on the wall with a special batch knife. Generally, the final finishing effect is achieved through three layers of batch scraping, as shown in the following process:


  1. Sandstone paint Generally called stone-like paint, it is a kind of architectural paint that simulates stone. Sandstone paint consists of an intermediate layer composed of natural, bone and quartz sand as aggregate, a binder with good weatherability, various auxiliary solvents, and an alkali-resistant primer and finish coat.
  2. Price range Paint is definitely much more expensive than ordinary paint. It belongs to customized and handmade art wall materials. The construction process is complicated, and the technical requirements are high. The common ones range from 781 flats to thousands of flats. If art paint is used as the base of mural painting, the price of wall painting is more expensive.
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