Shining P Series Pigment Dispersions

Shining P series Pigment Dispersion

Shining P series are dispersed with nonionic or anionic surfactant, with high pigment concentration. Its color, tinting strength, rheology are strictly controlled, meanwhile, all products are free of heavy metal and other substances which are harmful to people and environment. Its fastness to light, weather and chemicals are all good , can be widely used in coloring of the following water-based system products, such as wood lacquer, stationery, daily necessities, adhesive product, water-based shoe polish etc.This series is made of 18 core dispersions,meet abundant color requirements of various fields.

Shining PD-T Series Special Colorants For Paper Pulp Whitening

Shining PD-T Series water-based pigment preparation are based on nonionic, anionic dispersant and low foam wetting agent, adopting advanced production technology, without resins, suitable for printing paper, write paper, copper-print paper, decorative paper fiber in pulp white and paper coating.